what is "marmoroc"?

Today Marmoroc is not only a facade stone; it is a complete cladding system with sub-constructions used together with or without additional insulation. All kind of connections around windows, doors, etc, is also available.



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If you are looking for the faCade material of tomorrow but want it today, you have found it!

Marmoroc is patented cladding systems made of stone and steel.
We offer you to buy our products straight from the factory without middle hands, which gives you the best price and service. Our products can be installed by yourself or we can offer mounting help from our experienced assemblers. From us you can buy, irrespective of which quantity you need, 1 m? up to several 1000 m?.

Our products are both dependable and suitable for small and large buildings, as well as old buildings. Do not hesitate to contact us!